Scope of Work

800 sf Dri-Design Plate Panel, 1,000 sf Morin Flush Panel, & 1,000 sf Morin Corrugated Panel

Project Description

Located in the Old Northside Historic District of downtown Indianapolis, this historic site has been transformed into a unique workplace filled with modern touches and sustainable features.  Enclad supplied and installed a new entryway bookended by column wraps using a Dri-Design Plate system.  We also worked to accent a small roof area and atrium with Morin formed metal wall panels.  This project is a great example of how design accents along with the use of high-end materials can bring bold life to any project.  Congratulations to Guidon Design for being first in the state to reach v4 Platinum LEED certification on your new office space!  The newest version, v4, came out a few years ago, and Guidon's office became the first building in Indiana to achieve Platinum certification since its release.

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